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Connect, click and share. No cables, no set-up just share what’s on your laptop or mobile device with a single click.

Ever had to give a presentation and spent the first 10 minutes frantically trying to get your laptop connected to the main screen or realising the graphic you need is on your tablet? With ClickShare everyone can share what’s on their device, on the same display, simultaneously and straight away.

No wires

ClickShare uses a universal USB-powered Button and dedicated app for iOS and Android so no cables are required, special adaptors or port.

No software

No searching the internet before a meeting to find compatible software. When you plug in to a ClickShare Button you simply accept an executable file and you’re ready to go. Once you disconnect no software is left behind on your PC or Mac.


Simplicity at its best. Click the Button and you are set up. No altering of screen sizes or resolutions, whatever you see on your laptop screen is replicated on the main presentation screen.

Cross devices

Presenting from a Mac or PC? All covered. With the ClickShare app (for iOS and Android) you can also easily share content from your mobile devices too.



All it takes is one tap of the ClickShare Button and you can share and have access to the presentation screen. It’s as simple as that.

Plug into simplicity

Why choose ClickShare:

  • Standalone operation, not dependent on your network
  • Smooth video sharing (up to 30 fps)
  • Perfect simultaneous audio
  • Extended desktop and mirror mode supported
  • No software to download on laptop

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