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We cut the cost without cutting the quality

A simple way to manage your voice, broadband, data and mobile communication services.

Telecommunications is not as simple as it used to be. There’s a daunting array of options, tariffs and services on the market that’s swamped in incomprehensible technical jargon. We can take away the ‘gobbledegook’ and advise you on the best value and most appropriate phone and data line options for your business.

For those 'in the know' we offer VoIP lines (SIP) and land lines (ISDN and analogue) but if that means nothing to you don't worry. We'll recommend exactly what you need and explain what each mean. Our data networks include both EFM and leased lines.

You only pay for what you use

We don't sell mobile contracts in order to sell mobile handsets, nor do we sell or have any complicated bundled minute packages for our landline or SIP calls. At Gemini, when we arrange mobile contracts there are only two options; Sim only on a 30 day contract or 24 month contract. When choosing a 24 month contract we recieve a hardware bonus from the mobile carrier. We don't spend it on hardware. Instead, we give it all to you, and we let you decide what to do with that money. You can buy handsets with it. You can put it towards your monthly bills. You can save it, throw a party with it - it's up to you.

That's how we're able to offer massively competitive rates on our high quality service.

Why turn to Gemini?

  • Fully maintained phone lines for voice, mobile and data
  • Just one bill for all your voice and data lines
  • Competitive rates
  • Reliable networks
  • Online Call Viewer

Notices and promotions

  • M2M Sims

    Machine monitoring or reporting is increasingly becoming the norm, system integration and management is a popular demand and M2M Sims provide you with a low cost portable means of communication whether it be on GPRS, 3G or 4G.


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