• The world of technology moves at an alarming rate, almost as soon as one product is launched another is waiting in the wings to update it. As a society we have become used to relying on technology and are hungry for any advancements that will make our lives easier or more automated. Yet again we are set to see more trends emerge in 2018, some will stick around and some will no doubt disappear without a trace. Here are a few to watch out for.


    From phones to watches to cars, everything is ‘Smart’ now, continually gathering data and connecting up your life between devices. This is set to increase and within our home is probably the place we are likely to see the most development. We already have the three main players, Google, Apple and Amazon, providing voice-enabled personal assistants that can do anything from tell you a joke, turn up the heating and play you music. Even tasks as diverse as home security or feeding your dog have all been made easier with the aid of Smart technology controlled by your phone. There is even a yoga mat which tells you when your alignment is wrong and gives you feedback on how to correct your pose. The possibilities are endless!


    The advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been incredible over the last few years with computers now able to take on more and more human tasks and robots being used within customer facing roles. AI isn’t just used for the development of robots to assist with typically human jobs, it can also be used for specialist data monitoring, identifying patterns and analysing to give reports in a fraction of the time a person would take.


    As the world becomes smaller people spend a lot more time travelling so using technology to make this easier and quicker is definitely a good thing. Free wifi is now expected in places such as airports and the use of a smartphone to navigate to a destination, provide traffic alerts or information on services in foreign countries is something most of us couldn’t live without now.

    Portable gadgets that are hand luggage friendly have also become popular and even include GPS trackers to help locate lost luggage. For the over-worked business executive or frazzled parent on a long journey there isn’t much time to relax but with the help of technology there is some respite. From apps that let you watch your favourite TV programmes to a number of meditative apps that provide a range of exercises to help you unwind.

    For the ultimate in travel technology it is predicted that by 2021 driverless cars will be on the UK roads and it was recently announced that driverless lorries could also soon be speeding down the motorway. With significant government backing and funding for job training and research the next technology revolution could be on our roads not long from now.


    Looks like 2018 could be another exciting year in the world of technology.


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