• We have seen digital technology develop in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Innovations such as cloud computing and smartphones have revolutionised our day-to-day life. But isn’t it exciting to think that technology will get EVEN better? The following are five developments that are set to change the way we live forever.

    Google Glass

    With Google Glass, we will be able to view social media feeds and read text, but not only that, we will be able to navigate with GPS and take photos. Currently Google Glass is at limited availability, but we wouldn’t be surprised if other tech companies jumped on the augmented reality bandwagon and built an affordable consumer version sooner rather than later.

    SERIOUSLY Fast Trains

    PayPal founder Elon Musk has designed a system that would see train passengers travel at up to 760mph through a vacuum tube, propelled by compressed air and induction motors. A site has been chosen with the goal of starting test runs in two years – great news if you’re fed up with your long morning commute!

    Google Driverless Cars

    The search engine giant appears on our list again! Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, has stated: “You can count on one hand the number of years it will take before ordinary people can experience this.” However, the key challenge for Google isn’t the innovation, it’s turning the technology into something affordable that everyone with an average salary could benefit from.

    Another Reason to Love Coffee!

    Did you know London’s coffee industry creates over 200,000 tonnes of waste every year? Entrepreneur Arthur Kay uses his company, bio-bean, to turn 85 per cent of coffee waste into biofuels for heating buildings and powering transport. We think we’ll see more of this over the coming years.

    Alcohol-Detecting Cars

    Our friends across the pond have developed devices that can monitor alcohol levels by sniffing a driver’s breath or scanning the blood in their fingertips through the steering wheel – the car is then immobilised if the alcohol levels are too high. Not only will this make the roads safer, but drivers using the system could be offered lower insurance premiums too.


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