• Security is a top priority for anyone operating a business no matter what their location or industry might be.  When your business and associated property is in a remote or rural location then the need for security surveillance becomes even more important.

    At Gemini we have built up valuable experience throughout our years of working with companies, helping them to use CCTV in the fight against crime.

    Do I need CCTV?

    Farmers have seen a significant increase in rural crime and are reporting thefts of agricultural machinery, quad bikes, fuel and tools and livestock. The cost of rural crime reached £42.5 million in 2015, according to a report by NFU, and with the serious financial repercussions of livestock and machinery thefts this is something the industry cannot withstand. Local police forces are often stretched with limited resources in rural areas and struggle to provide adequate surveillance to tackle these crimes. This is leading farmers to take the initiative and look at alternative more successful solutions, resulting in many turning to CCTV.

    Benefits of CCTV

    CCTV can be a very powerful tool in the fight against crime, providing piece of mind through remote monitoring, so you always know what is going on, in addition to acting as a deterrent and providing footage that can be used as evidence for the police should the worst happen. Remote or multiple locations can be viewed at any one time, making it perfect for a farm set up.

    Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, we understand that every situation and location is different, and can also assist and advise on other security issues such as alarm or door entry systems. If we can’t help you directly then we have a number of established and experienced partners who can offer you further support.


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