• “The future is here” is a phrase often spoken in these days of technological advancement, but what’s happening in Sweden as of late truly is the stuff of Sci-Fi movies… Whilst the rest of the world is still acclimatizing to the latest trend of ‘contactless’, whether it be contactless credit cards, key cards, or a plethora of other card-shaped items you never knew needed a contactless option, Sweden have taken this one step further…

    Riding on the back of the ‘contactless revolution’, a portion of the Swedish population have gone as far as to actually insert microchips into their bodies, serving as a sort of multi-purpose contactless device, the ‘swiss army knife’ of contactless transfers if you will. With these microchips implanted into their bodies, some Swedish citizens are capable of completing contactless transactions with nothing but the wave of their hand!

    This isn’t the first time Sweden has popped up in the news for their strange technology-related antics though… In Sweden, there is a peculiar community of, what can only be described as, amateur scientists, referred to as ‘biohackers’. This peculiar, quasi-futuristic culture are known for regularly going under the knife to implant themselves with the latest technology, some have also been known to implant microchips that are capable of opening doors!


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