• 30 March 2015

    An Apple a day

    Everyone seems to have an iPhone these days, which is probably why it's such a good idea and a good time for Apple to release their latest pice of kit – the Apple Watch.

    Well Apple has a lot in mind for the Apple Watch and clearly it's a device aimed at businesses and business professionals – which is probably why they have such a premium model available in the Apple Watch Edition.??Apple's up and coming new service, namely Apple Pay, will have a dramatic effect on businesses and business owners in the UK. There is already support from a significant number of businesses in the United States and it it is just a matter of time before it makes its way to our shores. It's highly likely that the early adopters of this technology will be the ones to see the biggest boost in profits.??

    Apple's new technology will also have a huge impact in B2B communications and our working situations. No one can deny that the iPhone has had such a massive impact in the last decade that it has completely transformed the working environment for most businesses into one that requires wireless internet and cloud computing.

    If the Apple Watch will produce a similarly pronounced effect on business behaviour remains to be seen but we can't see it not having an effect here in the UK.

    At Gemini we like to keep abreast of new technology, especially when it involves telecoms. If your business could benefit from updating its telecoms systems or communication technology then get in touch and see what we can do for you. There's no time like the present to upgrade your business communications.


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