• Electronic versions of the traditional sign in book are becoming more and more popular, but what are the benefits of taking your visitors online?


    Visitor information is recorded more accurately than with a visitor log book. All information is kept the same and people are less likely to be missed


    Visitor information is stored in a computer database, which allows the ability to search, sort, analyse, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame. Visitor activity reports can be generated. This especially useful for security audits and in the case of an emergency


    If you know a particular visitor is coming in for a meeting, their information can be added to the system ahead of time which speeds up the sign-in process when the visitor actually arrives

    Add a photo.

    Print ID badges quickly and add a photo to the badge for further identification while your visitor is the facility. Electronic visitor management system photos can also be used in investigating security breaches, even used to compare with security camera footage to further identify any person.

    Returning visitors are recognised immediately.

    All visitor information is saved in the electronic visitor management system. This allows returning visitors to be signed in with very little time or effort because the system remembers them. If a returning visitor was a security problem in the past, the Security Department can be alerted instantly.

    Interested in taking your visitor management online? Talk to us about creating a system that works for your business.


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