• 03 October 2017


    Photocopier display

    We expect so much from our photocopiers now and with everyone being extra busy at work you need to know that you have the most relevant machine for your business. If anything goes wrong you need to be sure it will be fixed as quickly as possible by engineers who know what they are doing. At Gemini, we cover all aspects of multi-functional photocopying so you are in safe hands.

    What are the top 3 things you should consider when looking for a new copier?


    Not every business needs all the bells and whistles on their photocopier, but some do, so make sure you are clear about what will work for you. In addition to the basics there are options for booklet making, banner printing, scanning and data storage (for a paperless office). These are all great added extras that can be built into your machine spec and could offer a really useful multifunctional piece of equipment.

    Copier speed and volume are also features to consider, both of which are linked; a faster device generally has a larger copy volume. If you only have a small number of users then a low to mid-volume copier would probably work sufficiently, however if your copier needs to handle a high number of print jobs on a daily basis, or is used by a lot of people, then a high volume machine would be more cost effective and efficient.


    One of the most common requirements for copies now that deal with digital document production is how it integrates with your network. Once connected the opportunities increase, enabling networked and remote printing, scanning directly to your desktop or email and secure printing. Business networks can be complicated with varying technologies so it’s important to make sure the hardware is compatible.

    Service and warranty

    Each business has their own needs so it’s essential your photocopier, service and warranty plan matches these requirements, and also make sure that training is provided so you know how to use your machine most efficiently. In most cases a speedy fix to any problems is always imperative, a broken photocopier can cause chaos in a busy office. Remote monitoring, automated toner supply and a quick response when onsite visits are needed, are a few ways that will help solve problems quickly.


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