• In 2013, Gemini were one of the 1st IT support companies in Cumbria to offer 24x7 server monitoring and reporting to our customers. However, time doesn’t stand still, and over the last 2 years other companies have followed suit.

    We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our customers an even better service and have completely revised our remote monitoring & management platform from the ground up. Using a new dedicated server in our data centre we no longer just monitor our clients business critical servers.
    From October this year we can manage and monitor just about any IP enabled device connected to your business network, including servers, workstations and even printers, routers, switches and scanners.

    This new approach has significant benefits when it comes to “Patching”. Gemini can detect which of your computers are missing critical security patches and automatically apply them without disruption to the end user. If servers require patching we can automatically schedule these (and any required reboot) to occur outside of business operating hours.

    With the knowledge that all of your security patches are up to date we can then monitor the performance of your servers and workstations.  Hard disk health, Disk space, CPU & memory usage, backups, anti virus definitions and just some of the things we monitor and up to 7 years of historical data can be stored to produce executive level business reports as well as monthly summary reports.

    3rd party applications such as Java or Adobe Flash have been in the news recently as it was found that un-patched versions of these software applications (which are installed on most PC’s) were found to have serious security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a hacker. So we’re now providing automatic 3rd party patching as part of our service. With Gemini IT you can rest assured that while you’re asleep, your IT security policy isn’t.


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