WiFi connectivity is pretty much taken for granted these days by most people and a couple of negative comments regarding WiFi access on sites like TripAdvisor can do serious damage to a reputation.

There was a time when businesses such has hotels and caravan parks could charge for WiFi access, but it is increasingly popular for customers to expect WiFi access free of charge, and many businesses are finding that if they don’t offer free WiFi that their customers are moving to another competitor who will.

The temptation for many businesses is to spend as little money as they can get away with in order to offer WiFi, the trouble is that many WiFi access points are not designed to handle a large number of devices, which is usually what happens when you offer WiFi to the public.
However, there are many ways your business, especially those in the hospitality sector can benefit by offering a reliable free WiFi service to your customers.

The advantage of offering free WiFi is that as many as 62% of businesses said that their customers spend more time in their premises if WiFi access is offered and around 50% of customers spend more money as well.

WiFi allows businesses like restaurants, cafes, and bars to attract new customers. Sitting alone in a café or a restaurant is quite awkward. According to a survey, 53% of people are happy to sit alone in restaurants and cafes if WiFi is available because it helps them connect with friends, removing the stigma of sitting alone.


So how should you go about offering a reliable free WiFi service?

The first step is to get the infrastructure right. At Gemini, we always take the time to perform a survey of the areas you want to offer WiFi and discuss how many clients will use it so that we can recommend the right hardware and to configure bandwidth management, after all – no one wants to see a free WiFi network available, then find out that they cannot connect to it because it’s full. We have installed WiFi equipment everywhere from small city centre bars that might have up to 50 users connected to large hotels and caravan parks that need to service up to 1000 users and we know that getting the infrastructure right means you’re more likely to get more returning/happy customers.

The second step is to use your free WiFi offering as free advertising for your business. Offering free WiFi to your customers doesn’t have to just benefit them, we offer a range of products suitable for a variety of businesses which requests visitors follow your Social Media pages, or leave their email address which allows you to grow your online presence. Your visitors will “like” and follow you or “Check in” on Social Media, in exchange for a reliable WiFi service. This helps build your online reputation. We even have a product which will automatically ask the customer for a TripAdvisor after the visit.

We even provide a facility to only enable the WiFi during opening hours, to prevent people loitering outside of the premises in order to use it.

Give us a call for more information, or for references from customers who we have installed one of our systems.


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