We’re proud to share that our very own Operations Manager: Toby has done his part in helping to connect Stoneraise Primary School to the world of superfast broadband with the aid of BT’s Community Fibre Partnerships.

Operations Manager of Gemini and School Governor, Toby Clements said, “An ever-increasing amount of learning is now being done online but this school has always been frustrated by slow connectivity because we're a long way from the local exchange and we've not been part of any fibre rollout plans. We did a survey asking teachers and pupils 'what one thing would improve our school?' Nine out of ten responded with 'faster broadband' – mainly because of the increasing importance of online learning. We tried all sorts of different solutions. For example, we explored getting a leased line put in but it wasn't economically sustainable.”

After many attempts at trying to find a solution to the slow internet speeds, Toby got in touch with BT to evaluate the possibilities. The option of installing fibre and connecting the school to a different exchange was discussed and a solution was drawn up…

The plans have now been put in place for the school to be connected thanks to the help of Toby and the Community Fibre Partnerships, so Stoneraise Primary can look forward to receiving download speeds of up to 330Mbps! Better yet - they are eligible for a match-funded grant of up to £20,000 from BT.

We understand the pressure on schools to integrate technology into the curriculum. For more information on what we can offer your school, whether you need expert advice or a full support package, click here.


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