Virtual Reality (VR) received a huge amount of attention last year as we watched the new tech emerge as the latest form of entertainment straight out of a sci-fi film. It’s safe to say that there is a real future ahead for this technology and its practical application to the office space…

The potential for VR is incredible, with the its most promising application being telepresence. With the use of Virtual Reality, we can potentially see an end to the limitations of location, allowing us to host entire conferences virtually online, much like something you’d expect out of a Star Wars film.

Another application of VR would be the introduction of a virtual space in the workplace, removing the limits of space and resources. Designers and engineers could use this space to test their own products and prototypes.

Virtual Reality offers an entirely original look into communication and for it to be successfully adopted into the workplace, it is crucial for businesses to notice the real benefits it could have, reducing travel costs to allowing for the recruitment of employees around the world.

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