By using advanced technology, similar to the holograms found in all our favourite Sci-Fi classics, scientists have found a way to visualise Wi-Fi signals to see how far they stretch! One of the universal questions asked when any new type of wireless technology is being installed is: “How far is its reach?” But not we’ll actually be able to see that for ourselves!

At the Technical University of Munich, scientists have developed a method of generating a three-dimensional image of the surrounding area using the radiation of a Wi-Fi transmitter.
There are a handful of key items required to do this, but ultimately, they can create holograms out of thin air.

Although this could prove to be a fantastic solution for more simple problems like finding the perfect spot to install a new router, this is just a foot in the door. Considering Wi-Fi signals are able to penetrate walls, scientists are already looking into the possibilities of using it in emergency situations, using it to locate and recover victims buried under an avalanche or a collapsed building.

Here at Gemini, we think this is a huge and fantastic leap in the world of technology, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it either! Until then, we’ll be perfecting our installation and use of Wireless Networks. You can find more on our Wireless Networks here or if you want to find out what we can do for your business, you can contact us here.


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