As you may well be aware, there has been a high-profile case of a Ransomware attack on multiple NHS trusts and other businesses through the UK and the rest of the world over the weekend. We would just like to take this opportunity to advise you on ways to keep yourself protected and to ensure that you minimize any risk of a Ransomware attack...

Be suspicious of emails, websites and apps:

For ransomware to work hackers need to download malicious software onto a victims computer. This is then used to launch the attack and encrypt files.
The most common ways for the software to be installed on a victim's device is through phishing emails, malicious adverts on websites, and questionable apps and programs.
People should always exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails or visiting websites they are unfamiliar with. Never download an app that hasn't been verified by an official store, and read reviews before installing programs.

Use an antivirus program:

An age-old computer security tip, antivirus programs can stop ransomware from being downloaded onto computers and can find it when it is.
Most antivirus programs can scan files to see if they might contain ransomware before downloading them. They can block secret installations from malicious adverts when you're browsing the web, and look for malware that may already be on a computer or device.
Gemini IT look after your Anti-virus so there will be nothing you need to do apart from keep an eye on any alerts from the Anti-virus and let us know if there is any infected files.

Always install updates:

Companies often release software updates to fix vulnerabilities that can be exploited to install ransomware. It is therefore advisable to always download the newest version of a software as soon as it is available.
Your updates should apply to the PC’s automatically and you may need to reboot your PC once they have downloaded to allow them to install on your PC.

Never pay the ransom:
Victims of ransomware attacks are advised to never pay the fee as it encourages attackers and may not result in files being recovered. In most cases we would recover your data from the backup to resolve this issue.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this then please don’t hesitate to contact the Gemini office on 01228 516500.


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