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Why does your business or school need a Visitor Management System?

A visitor system not only helps with security issues but also ensures your visitors are welcomed efficiently and you have an accurate log of who is in your building.

Your office, or school, can be a busy place with numerous staff, pupils and visitors regularly coming in and out, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track if the ‘checking in’ process is simply to sign a piece of paper. People often forget, pens go missing and the receptionist is usually trying to juggle a million other things while answering the phone and dealing with visitors.


Having a digital Visitor Management System provides numerous benefits over the traditional pen and paper way of signing in.

  • Accuracy of information capture including signatures and photos of visitors.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Automatic creation of visitor badges displaying their name, photo, date and time and who they are visiting.
  • Provides an audit trail which can be accessed to see visitor history.
  • Easier process for visitors to sign in and no issues of trying to read their handwriting.
  • Group sign in and out.
  • Protects your facilities and employees (or pupils) and gives them a level of security confidence.


Our Visitor Management System allows you to keep track of visitors, staff and pupils in a more efficient and accurate way. Visitors can simply use the touch screen to enter their details, take a snapshot, then a label is printed which can be used as their ID badge.

ID cards or fobs are used by your employees to sign in, or out, of the building and if you are using our system within an educational environment then students can also be easily managed through the same system, enabling you to keep track of them all.

When the screen is not in use for welcoming visitors it can be utilised to display messages to keep everyone up to date with your most current news and any key information you want to share.

To find out more about how our Visitor Management Systems can help your organisation or school, and the many options available, please get in touch with us now.


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