The world of technology changes minute by minute and it is seemingly the younger generation who are keeping up the best. The use of tablets is common in everyday life for most of us and gradually this is filtering through into education. For those who have already integrated the technology into their schools the advantages are clear.

Here are some of the benefits to using tablets

Developing computer skills

Children as young as two or three can operate a tablet, the younger generations are exposed to technology, smart phones and computers from an early age and continually throughout their lives. A couple of years ago coding was introduced as part of the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools in an attempt to improve computer literacy alongside other more ‘traditional’ skills such as reading and maths.  Building on these skills with the help of a tablet and allowing children to explore the creativity they provide is a great way to prepare them for the future.

All round interactivity

Gone are the days of a notepad and pen and remembering to take your camera with you on a school trip. Using a tablet makes experiences much more visual by letting you take pictures in the moment, adding notes there and then and bringing everything together with much more creativity for you then to easily share.

Access to more learning resources

Whilst there is an argument against children relying on the internet to complete their work it does also have it’s advantages of allowing them to keep up to date with the ever-changing world and accessing an endless learning resource. Using a tablet does also allow teachers to quickly and easily share information without the need for multiple textbooks and pages of photocopied handouts. We all have memories of walking to school with our rucksacks stuffed full of books, homework, calculators and whatever else you used to find hiding in your school bag but this could all be replaced by one single and very portable tablet.

There is still a debate as to whether tablets create a distraction and there are concerns relating to the initial cost of purchasing and the implications for teachers having to change their teaching methods amongst other issues. With any change there are pros and cons and an allowance needed for time to adapt and improvements to be made.

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